Thursday, November 26, 2009

Girls Play Football


This is a little late, but I feel like writing about the first girls' football game that I attended.  A few weeks ago, I tried going to the pre-season game, but we were denied entry because the league had not worked out a new issue of guys attending the games.  Many (or most) of the teams that Nativ plays are frum.  But it got worked out and I managed to show up this week.


The girls are very pumped to play and they get really into it.  They played the same team that they played in pre-season.  While we're all really competetive about it, in the end I don't care if they screw up a play, it's just fun to watch.  This week they lost, but they've already won a couple so I hope to witness a victory in the near future.  The best part for us fans was that we lined up on the bleachers and played defense on the sidlines, screaming as the other team snapped the ball.  We did a good job, in our opinion.  The Ref sorta sucked when he missed sacks, but the girls pulled off some sacks while we were screaming.  The other fun part was the competetive aspect and making fun of the other team.  But it was just nice to get some fresh air, walk through Jerusalem, and watch a good game of football and support Nativ. It's just thrilling, I don't know why.

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