Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shabbat Hol HaMoed



As I mentioned in the ending of my last post, I went to Elkana for Shabbat.  The settlement is a 15-minute drive from Petach Tikva, just over the green line.  I've spent one Shabbat there beforehand and have written about it here, but just as a refresher: Yael worked with my mom when my mom was at Federation, and she has a husband and four children between the ages of 2-11.  Nitai (her husband)'s mother was also with them for Shabbat Hol HaMoed.  They live in a cute caravan and they have three dogs, a few chickens, and a few goats, too.  It's a very homey place to live.  Shabbat is quiet there – no cars on the street.


I'll highlight just a few things that I remember – like everything else over Pesach, Shabbat was relaxing:

*They have a nice custom when they light candles that for each candle, which represents one person in the family, Yael says something positive about that person's week.

*For lunch on Shabbat, we went to a neighboring settlement called Sha'arei Tikva, where Nitai's aunt lives.  She is married to a Canadian, and they lived in Canada for a few years after marriage, so everyone spoke English pretty well.


At this point I can't recall too many more details of the weekend, but I had a nice time, and it gave me an opportunity to practice some good Hebrew.  I stayed Motza'ei Shabbat as well and left Sunday morning for Yeruham for the last day of chag.

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