Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Amram Mitzna Meets with Nativ and Kibbutz Visit



I forgot to mention in an earlier blog post about the meeting between Amram Mitzna, Yeruham mayor, and us.  Mitzna used to be high up in the military, then was mayor of Haifa after his military career, worked his way up to chair of the Labor Party in Kenesset, and after losing the election for Prime Minister to Ariel Sharon, he was appointed by the Interior Ministry to be mayor of Yeruham.  While Yeruham's leadership was corrupt and left its residents with a poor morale and even embarrassed, Mitzna came and turned that around, and now Yeruham has greatly improved over the past five years.  It was great that he took time out of his schedule to spend time with us, telling us the story of his relationship to Yeruham and learning about ourselves and our mission in Yeruham.  He was very nice, personable, and answered a lot of our questions about Yeruham and his great work.


Anyway, this semester I had not visited the kibbutz at all, other than a couple of pass-throughs to pick up people for B'yachad, and I felt it would be a shame not to visit at all.  Therefore, I went on Wednesday afternoon last week and spent the night there.  I arrived around dinner time (after some long bus traveling), which I understand to be the worst meal on kibbutz.  It was fine though, definitely doable.  Shira and Haley gave me a tour of kibbutz – the lookout point, different fields, the cow barn (refet), dining hall… it was very pretty.  I hung out around and eventually went to sleep in Joe, Mosko, and Jon's room.  The nice things about kibbutz, in comparison to Yeruham: direct bus stops to/from Jerusalem, A/C in caravans, TVs, but their internet sucks.


In the morning, I woke up and showered, and Spaceballs was on TV, so I watched that.  I hung out at the refet and got a glimpse of what goes on there.  Since it was the last day, there wasn't really much work for me to see there.  Lunch was GREAT – schnitzel, beef, and Thursday "fry-day."  Shortly after lunch I headed back to Jerusalem to be with the parents.  But I'm really glad I got to see the kibbutz and see everyone there!


Kol Tuv,


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