Thursday, February 25, 2010

It’s Adar? Ok, school doesn’t matter!




Here's an update on the work I did this week in Yeruham:


Sunday I worked at Koach l'tet.  It looks to me like a donation center, where people donate old items to the organization and they distribute them to people in need.  We spent a total of 3 hours (in two intervals) moving furniture around.  A lot of the challenges there, more than the weight of objects (and my lack of humongous strength), were thinking about how we can move things around other things.  The lady we worked with is an old, Russian lady who was very sweet and very appreciative of our work.  Do I look cut for manual labor?  I enjoyed having that experience – but I can't say I would do it more than a couple of more times.


Given the Adar/Purim craziness, school this week sort of didn't exist.  On Monday, there was a Tiyyul, and we went with 10th graders to a spring.  We spent the time there getting to know a lot of the kids, who are absolutely ridiculous and crazy, but they're nice and we spoke a lot of English with them.  Some of the things we were able to talk about, just in terms of things in common, were music (they know a lot of American stuff), sports, movies, technology… it took an hour and a half for a bus to show up to take us back, which was kind of annoying, especially since it was cold.  We had a nice time, but a long day.  On Wednesday, there were classes, but not really.  It sort of reminded me of Weber – when there's festivity in the air, nobody wants to learn, and the extent of English classes was doing Purim-related activities.  The time is still worth it to experience the school culture though.  Oh, and Tuesday was Yom Sport – after Purim, when they have to do Bagrut preparation, it will be great for them.


Tuesday was Yom Battle of the Sexes for Yom Nativ.  We had a nice woman, Tami, speak about a psalm comparing Esther and D'vorah and the different feminine roles.  We had a food competition, spoke about gender issues in Israel, Gender Feud, and an Apache Relay.  I have to go soon so I'll just comment that we had a nice time.


I have a bike now!  It's nice to ride it around here.


Kol Tuv,


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