Thursday, February 25, 2010

What there is to Love about Yeruham So Far




(I wrote this a while ago but decided to wait until later to post this)


Yeruham is a special place – while its perception by Israelis is a __-hole in the middle of nowhere, people who've been here love it, and I've enjoyed it so far.  So what's good?


1.     People here are friendly – they TALK TO YOU!  When we moved in on Wednesday night, there was an old woman who was walking up or downstairs as we were moving things in, and she said hi, introduced herself, and asked about us.  People in general say hi when you see them in the apartment building.  On Thursday, when we went for pizza, there were kids from the yeshiva there who were very friendly as well.  Walking down the street, people say hi to you.  Even in SuperSol, when we clearly look and talk differently and don't look like residents, people are friendly.  Yesterday when I went to the hardware store, the guy wasn't there but the person working next door said he'd be back soon and invited me to sit down while I was waiting in the meantime.  That's an advantage of a small town.

2.     Nothing's too far.  Most necessary trips are 10 minutes walking, some might be 20 minutes, but with a bike it's great.

3.     It's quiet – I don't have cars honking their horns outside my window, traffic doesn't create much noise, and it's a slow pace city.


No, there's not much to do here, but we're having a good time – a lot of good comes from being in a place like Yeruham.


To be continued…

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