Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally, a Shabbat in Yeruham


For the first time since our closed Shabbat here, I spent the Shabbat here in Yeruham.  It was really nice just to be home and not have to worry about getting out of here and getting back.  I’ve also wanted to be more a part of the Afikim community on Shabbat, which is hard to do when I travel a lot.  Also, what was really nice is that now that the clock has been turned forward, I had a lot of time before Shabbat to relax and do whatever I needed.  Oh, and I shaved Friday afternoon.  And now I realize that I have not put pictures on the blog the way I had planned, but here’s a picture of me clean shaven:

Friday night, I davened at Afikim.  Afterwards I went to my host family, the Strausslers.  Adina wasn’t in town, so it was just me; they had another family as well.  The meal was very good, but I was a bit too tired to completely focus on all of the Hebrew conversation, so I caught what I could.  I played Taki with Amir (the 8 year old) before dinner; he’s a character.  After dinner I walked back with the other family and went up to the girls’ apartment to see Brenna and ended up also seeing Ariella, which was great.  I hung out there, talked to Sarah for a bit, it was fun.  I got home around midnight (keeping in mind that I didn’t leave the Strausslers until 10:15, 10:30 probably) and chilled with Gelb and Mosko (who was staying with us this weekend).

Shabbat morning I woke up at 8 and davening started at 8:30.  David and I were the only Nativers there for the most part.  I davened Shacharit – nothing too special (not being sarcastic!).  We were out by 10:30 and I went home, made Kiddush and had a snack and read/fell asleep.  It poured close to noon; the streets flooded and the roads were disgusting once it got sunny.  Lunch was at the girls’ house at 2 (hence the early snack) – 15 (I think?) people were there and it was nice.  I went over to the girls’ apartment, played Bananagrams, and then Brenna and I went on a walk around Yeruham.  Mincha after that, se’udat shlishit at home, and then I went back for Ma’ariv.

Next round of holy days is YOM TOV!

Kol Tuv,

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