Monday, March 8, 2010

Prolonging Departure from Jerusalem



Since I was already in Jerusalem, I had a few good options for spending Shabbat, since it's easy to get around from Jerusalem.  But I figured, while there, the best option would just be to stay in Jerusalem!  So that's what I did.


Thursday afternoon, I met up with Brenna for lunch.  You know we're best friends because we both had the same place in mind, so we ate at Holy Bagel.  A little later, Josh and I went to try to pick up his Diva la Viva (Viva la Vida) kippah from Ann, but it wasn't ready yet.  Meanwhile, he wanted the pocket Koren siddur, so went to Pomeranz and got that, and I learned while we were there that my Rambam would be delivered before Shabbat.  The Pomeranz trip was especially exciting for Josh.  Soon after we took a bus out to Baka, with LeeAnn and Jesse T, to the YJ Year Course apartments, where we were staying Thursday night (minus Jesse).  We stayed with Josh and LeeAnn's friend Arielle.  At around 5, we went to the Shuk, where I got my first taste of Marzipan rugelach in the longest time (plus a really good pizza bureka).  From there we headed to Japanica for dinner, and Tyler and Shira met up with us.  The service there sucked, but I guess that happens.  It was a little early to do too much at the time we finished, so we went to Beit Shmuel to hang out for a bit, then came back out to Rechov Yafo and had Aldo's sorbet.  We hung out in that area for a bit, and we went to a place I hadn't been before called Pundak, off of Crack Square, and it was a cozy little café with an open mic.  Then we went back to Baka and went to bed.


We woke up on the later side (or at least late for me) Friday morning and went out to meet Tyler and Shira at Ben Yehuda for lunch.  I can't remember the place we were going to go to, but it was closed, so we had HaShamen instead, which I had never had.  It was tasty.  Then we went to the shuk, and I bought a couple of bottles of wine and a babka as gifts for people I was eating with/staying with that weekend, and we went to buy gummies.  As a rule, I will no longer be buying gummies from any place besides the shuk because my hefty bag cost me 8 shekel!!! It was unreal and nice… and eventually tasty.  We then headed back to Baka, and I got my stuff together and headed out to David Singer's place for Shabbat.  It was a bit of a schlep… too close for a bus and not worth the money for a taxi, so I was mad sweating by the time I got there and up his 11 floor apartment building, but whatever.


Friday Night, I davened at Yakar upstairs.  I've really missed it there – great ruach of course and it's a lot of fun and inspiration.  Josh and I had dinner with the Genehovskis, a couple that hosted my mom 30 years ago when she was on the one-year program at Hebrew U, and the family has stayed friends since.  They had some of their children and grandchildren there, and it was a lovely meal.  My hatred for whiskey remains, but that's fine.  Josh and I had a nice walk back.


I really enjoyed the Tefillah on Shabbat morning at Shira Hadasha.  It was long because of a bat mitzvah and an aufuf, but I thought the singing was especially nice.  The tunes were great.  We got out later than expected, and basically headed straight out to lunch, to Elan's.  There were a bunch of people there, and it was a nice meal.  We got a kick out of reading the English version of the kids' picture book of the 39 Melachot.  The thought of little Haredi kids knowing more about laws of Shabbat from that picture book than I know from life experience is kinda scary.  Then I went over to Josh Goldberg's apartment; David was there for a good two minutes and left.  But I enjoyed the afternoon there playing Frisbee and chilling out.  Shabbat ended, I went back to David (Singer)'s, and headed to Binyanei Ha-Uma to catch a bus back to Yeruham.  I did a whole circle around the block to find the right bus stop; it wasn't pretty.  I did get a seat though, and got home at a reasonable hour.


Back to life…


Kol Tuv,


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