Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Work Diaries




I unfortunately have been very busy making bad use of my time when I'm home, so I haven't updated this in a week.  Here's a lowdown of what I've done for work over the past week:

*Thursday – I started my contributions towards the Nativ Yeruham website.  Nothing is up yet (that I have done).  It's coming along well, though; I know Jordana and Rachel have done some great work on it.  I went to the Kol Yaakov School and a gan to take pictures of Nativers in action and talk to people who work with Nativers to put some good rep up on the web.  It was great to spend time at those places and see other Nativers in action, see how my friends spend their days.

*Sunday and Wednesday – I spent at the soup kitchen in Dimona.  It's somewhat hard labor and can be hard to get through the 4-hour day there.  But the work there is very important – feeding the poor is an important aspect of Jewish tradition.  The people there are very interesting, and it's a good exposure to Israeli society (as is much of this semester).


That's all for now, I think.  IY"H I will talk about Shabbat in my next post – we had a great time at Har Meron.


Kol Tuv,


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