Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Tales of a Long Day



I rode to work this morning and arrived at around 11.  When I got there, there were a few kids sitting around who asked if I know "Rav Artscroll" – but it took me a few minutes to understand what they were saying.  Anyway, the first class I had was 9th grade.  They had a test this morning; apparently, it was a first that the whole class showed up to a class period.  Not to say that they did much productive work; a lot of the kids spent a lot of time complaining and causing balagan before they started working.  Almost an hour in, we noticed one of the kids who messes around with us staring into space, and I went over and helped him with the first question… meanwhile, a USY friend close with Gabe visiting Israel and Yeruham (Ezra) sat in on our class and it was amusing to see him laugh so hard at the way the kids go about their business in class.


Lunch today was decent.  Gabe and I agree that the lack of star-shaped chicken nuggets was a disappointment.  Towards the end of lunch, I met some kids who wanted to set up a shidach for me.  They were trying for a woman present in the cafeteria's daughter.  I guess it was flattering, but shidach conversations can be fairly awkward.  One of the guys decided to play the "Have You Met Ted?" game from How I Met Your Mother; that was funy.


The next class I had we once again observed kids take a mock Bagrut practice.  The articles they have to read always amuse us… we chilled.  That was 10th grade, and then we had 11th grade.  Their teacher is intense and has high expectations.  We helped them write informal letters; they also like a lot of balagan.


Life was not so clear after the 11th graders in terms of what we were supposed to do next.  As we sat trying to figure that out, the head honcho of the English department walked in with a bunch of seniors that needed to have some last preparation for their oral bagrut that's tomorrow.  Now this was good work – we sat with the kids one-on-one and had a conversation with them in English, and then they had a speech memorized.  One kid I worked with really did a great job practicing and it was great to see him improve each time he tried.  This was my favorite part of the day.


Tonight we had Wacky Mac for dinner, and I chilled, we went to Ma'ariv, I watched some Weeds with Becca and Mazakas, Yeruham Assassin is getting intense, and I had some quality time with Joey in the late night.


I'd really love a fan here… our apartment boils tremendously.


Kol Tuv,


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